GM Partners With Boston Startup WiTricity For Future Wireless Charging Technology

Illustration of wireless charging. Image Source: Link

General Motors has made yet another move as it bets big on electric vehicles in the near future. Electrek reports GM and Boston, Massachusetts startup company “WiTricity” have partnered to collaborate over future wireless charging technology.

The ultimate goal of the partnership is to develop wireless charging pads for EVs, ideally installed beneath a layer of concrete or other flooring materials garages. By parking over the pads, the vehicle would be charged automatically with no plugging required.

“The electric vehicle has been recognized as central to the future of mobility, and GM has been a leader, making EVs accessible to the broader market. The convenience of wireless charging will help accelerate adoption even further,” said Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity, about the alliance. “Wireless charging for EVs, based on industry standards, is inevitable as we move toward a future of self-driving and autonomous vehicles, and this project brings us one step closer to realizing our vision of a world powered wirelessly.”

GM has agreed to lend a 2017 Chevrolet Volt to WiTricity to conduct tests with its wireless charging technology. The company claims it can reach 90 percent efficiency through its wireless charging, which would match traditional plug-in charging systems.

WiTricity has aimed for a 2017 release for the wireless charging pad.

About Witricity Corporation

WiTricity is an American engineering company that manufactures devices for wireless energy transfer using resonant energy transfer based on oscillating magnetic fields. The term WiTricity was used for a project that took place at MIT, led by Marin Soljačić in 2006. The research project was spun off into a private company, also called WiTricity.

Via: GM Authority