Video worth watching: Stadium Super Trucks are nail-bitingly terrifying and we love them

A minute of bumper cam footage is more exciting than most motor sport events out there


Stadium Super Trucks is a series that would make anyone giggle with glee the moment you described it to them. Cartoonish trucks racing one another while flying off ramps in stadiums and city circuits? Sounds like it almost came out from a child’s overflowing imagination. Such is the series created by ex-NASCAR and IndyCar driver Robby Gordon in 2013.


The truck is propelled by roaring 6.0-litre V8s producing 600PS and 813Nm of torque, channelling power to rear tyres via a 3-speed automatic transmission. All of this in a truck that weighs 1,300kg results in a fair bit of drama, even if it caps out at 225kmph. One of the reasons for that is the soft suspension used in the trucks, resulting in semi-wheelies (popping  wheel) under hard acceleration and bouncing upon landing. Speaking of which, the trucks spend a fair bit of their time mid-air, making us question whether Stadium Super Trucks would qualify as an air sport as well.

In the video, we watch from Matt “The Dude” Morris’s rear bumper as Matt Brabham tries to pass him, frequently making contact. While the footage lasts only a minute, each second feels dilated due to the impending sense of doom as the chasing truck gets scarily close. Wear your headphones and watch the video below to see what we’re on about!

Source: Overdrive