Innova Crysta’s success despite the high price spurred other automakers to bring in premium MPVs; Renault India patented for an unknown MPV

So far Innova remained undisputed leader of MPV segment. Renault’s Lodgy with its mediocre sales failed to impress the MPV buyers of India and it gave no competition to Innova.

India’s homegrown automakers Tata and Mahindra are working on to bring premium MPVs to challenge Toyota. Tata is gearing up to launch its Hexa by this festive season. Whereas Mahindra’s product is still under wraps and less is known about it, except for few heavily camouflaged appearances on Chennai roads.

Mahindra’s Innova Crysta rival spied on test near Chennai

Mahindra to challenge Innova Crysta with it’s upcoming MPV

Once launched, offerings of both Tata and Mahindra will be positioned as top of the line products and will rival Innova Crysta.

However, the more interesting development is, according to a report by News Dog Renault India patented for a premium MPV. Less is known about what can be the possible contender for Indian launch from its global portfolio. It can be possibly 7 seater Captur or Espace.

Renault Espace. Image shown for illustrative purpose only. Image source: Wikipedia

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When going gets tough, the tough get going. We have to wait and see who among these will stand out as “the tough”.