How it all started: The conception of Toyota Prius

On January 16, 1992, the Toyota Motor Corporation announced the Earth Charter, a document outlining goals to develop and market low emission vehicles.

In September 1993 Toyota R&D Executive Vice President Yoshirio Kimbara created G21, a committee to research cars for the 21st century. On February 1, 1994, the first official meeting of the G21 project team took place. The team determined the goal of G21 is to create a car that is resource and environmentally friendly while retaining the benefits of modern cars. The development effort was led by Takehisa Yaegashi, who was tasked with building a car that bridged the gap between electric and gasoline powered vehicles.

In 1994, Toyota executive Takeshi Uchiyamada was given the task of creating a new car that would be both fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. In late 1994, the G21 team designed a concept car with a hybrid engine for the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle was named “Prius,” the Latin word for “prior” or “before.” It was shown on October 27, 1995. In late 1996, test driving began.

1996 Prius Prototype . Image source Wikimedia Commons

After reviewing over 100 hybrid designs, the engineering team ultimately settled on a continuously variable transmission (CVT) design based largely on a 2000 TRW patent application, but many technical and engineering problems had to be solved within the three years that the team was given to bring the car to the Japanese market, a goal they barely achieved as the first Prius went on sale in December 1997. One major problem was the longevity of the battery, which needed to last between 7 and 10 years. The solution the engineers came up with was to keep the battery pack between 60% and 40% charged, proving to be the “sweet spot” for extending the battery life to roughly that of the other car components. A Toyota spokesperson stated that “Toyota chose this name because the Prius vehicle is the predecessor of cars to come.”

Battery pack from second generation Prius

Initially, in December 10 1997, first Prius went on sale in the domestic market that is Japan. At the time of launch, first generation Prius, was the world’s first mass produced gasoline-electric hybrid car. Later in 2001, more powerful version was introduced in United States Of America.

The Prius is sold in over 90 markets, with Japan and the United States being its largest markets. Global cumulative Prius liftback sales reached the milestone 1 million vehicle mark in May 2008, 2 million in September 2010, and passed the 3 million mark in June 2013. Cumulative sales of 1 million Priuses were achieved in the US by early April 2011,and Japan reached the 1 million mark in August 2011.As of April 2016, the Prius liftback is the world’s top selling hybrid car with 3.73 million units sold.

First generation Prius
Second generation Prius
Third generation Prius
1200px-Toyota_Prius_(IV)_–_Frontansicht,_19._September_2015,_Frankfurt (1)
Fourth generation Prius


Source: Wikipedia


What is FAME India Scheme? What vehicles are eligible and how much incentive is provided ?

India’s automotive space is up for a big change. Government is very keen to reduce pollution on roads and hence pushing the industry to bring new technologies to India. With a Mission to accelerate India’s  transition to sustainable energy Govt of India introduced FAME-India-Scheme which means “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles”. Through the scheme govt is providing subsidies on the purchase of eligible vehicles such as plug-in hybrids , conventional hybrids and full electrics.

Conventional hybrids consist both engine and electric motor but they cannot be charged externally, they are charged only by regenerative energy.Where as the plug-in hybrids can be charged by external power sources. The full electrics will have only electric drivetrain powered by batteries and are charged only through external sources.

Conventional Hybrid
Plug-In Hybrid
Full Electric Mahindra E20

Here is the list of vehicles and their respective incentives under FAME-India scheme:

1 OEM Name: Ajanta Manufacturing Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 J-50 PLUS Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 OEM Name: Ampere Vehicles Private Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 V60 Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 Ampere-V48 Two Wheeler 7500.00
3 OEM Name: Avon Cycles Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 AVON ESCOOT 207 Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 AVON E MATE Two Wheeler 7500.00
4 OEM Name: Chris Motors

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 Breeze lite Two Wheeler 7500.00
5 OEM Name: Electrotherm (India) Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 Yo Electron ER Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 Yo Xplor Two Wheeler 7500.00
3 Yo Spark Two Wheeler 9400.00
4 Yo Exl ER Two Wheeler 9400.00
6 OEM Name: Hero Electric Vehicles Private Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 Maxi Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 Zion Two Wheeler 7500.00
3 Optima Plus Two Wheeler 7500.00
4 E Sprint Two Wheeler 9400.00
5 Photon Two Wheeler 9400.00
6 Cruz Two Wheeler 7500.00
7 Hero Wave Two Wheeler 7500.00
8 Hero Wave DX – Extra Mile Two Wheeler 7500.00
9 OPTIMA DX Two Wheeler 7500.00
10 NYX Two Wheeler 7500.00
11 OPTIMA DX LI Two Wheeler 17000.00
7 OEM Name: Lohia Auto Industries

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 OMA STAR Two Wheeler 7500.00
2 OMA STAR DX Two Wheeler 7500.00
3 GENIUS Two Wheeler 7500.00
8 OEM Name: Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 E-VERITO Four Wheeler 138000.00
9 OEM Name: Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 E2O T2 – 48V Li-on Winston 450 Amp Four Wheeler 124000.00
2 E2O T1 -72V Li-ion ATL 550 Amp Four Wheeler 124000.00
3 E2O T6 – 48V Li -ion CALB 450 AMP Four Wheeler 124000.00
10 OEM Name: Maruti Suzuki India Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 Maruti Ciaz Diesel SHVS Std. Four Wheeler 13000.00
2 MARUTI ERTIGA LDI SHVS Four Wheeler 13000.00
11 OEM Name: Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited

S.No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID Four Wheeler 70000.00

*Incentive Amount in INR