Motoroso: A place to quench your automotive thirst, plan & build your vehicle projects

Today while I was browsing across the web for some car stuff, I accidentally stumbled upon this website and found it very interesting and new. The website is an online platform where all the automotive enthusiasts can collaborate, plan, build and share their vehicle projects. Where the enthusiasts can find aftermarket accessories sellers and much more

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:


As a market network dedicated to the auto enthusiast community, Motoroso brings together consumers, OEM’s, aftermarket brands, service providers, retailers and publishers.

Motoroso is Pinterest + Houzz for Gearheads

What we see, is an $80+ Billion industry made up of some of the most passionate consumers in the world. And they’ve been underserved by technology for way too long.

That ends now.

Motoroso is a dedicated market network that utilizes a Pinterest-style visual search, and Houzz-style interactive markers to help enthusiasts document and share their build projects, discover products, and find service providers.

Watch this 2-min New User Video:

Here is a screenshot from the website: