India’s First all electric Crossover bike, Volta Zap

First of its kind all electric crossover bike to be entirely designed developed and manufactured in India, Volta Zap is ready for launch on this August 5. A Chennai based startup company Volta Motors founded by Anoop Nishanth is working on sustainable mobility solutions and last mile connectivity products. The bike is ready for test rides, you can book for a test ride here


Chennai based company VOLTA MOTORS has come up with a new Crossover electric bike- Volta Zap. The product is completely designed and developed in India, boldly representing the Make In India policy. The product is built considering all the parameters like design, engineering, overall weight balance, Center of Gravity, placement of batteries etc. eliminating the failures present in existing e-bikes in the market. The overall usage cost of Volta ZAP is claimed less than 10 paise per km which is very economical when compared to the usage cost of other two-wheelers and especially other electric bikes.


The battery of Volta Zap weighs just 3kgs which is claimed to be the lightest battery for an E-bike till date. This provides easier access and portability for the user to charge the battery anywhere, anytime. A purpose-built box frame, first of its kind in India, allows you to quickly insert and remove the battery in and out comfortably which give a peace of mind for people living in the urban areas. The frame is developed to provide even weight balance and distribution.

The Volta Zap is the first cross-over electric bike in India, it is also the first purpose-built E-bike designed for Indian road conditions unlike any other e-bikes which are available in the market. The Pedal assist feature helps the user to pedal the bike with an ease as it gives 3 full cycle wheel rotation for every single pedal rotation made. The LED reflectors placed on the bike makes it safer to ride during nights.

Integrated facilities for smart phones with customizable body panels and a wide range of colour choices make the product even more attractive. Since there is no license and registration process involved, the product reduces unnecessary customer strains for transferring the product all over India. The company is going to launch the new Volta Zap on 5th August 2016 in Bangalore, test rides will begin from the same place.

via: BikesIndia