August 2016 Car sales in India

August 2016 car sales, Source credits: Auto Punditz

Looks like the diesel-ban affect is still haunting the luxury car players, all the luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo and Porsche posted  a decline in sales. Audi(-16.1%) and BMW(-12.0%) are top losers among the trio and the Mercedes(-4.4%) despite degrowth in sales remained top seller among all the luxury marques.

On the other hand all the non-luxury brands except for few posted growth in sales compared to their performance in the same month last year. Manufacturers who posted negative growth are Honda(-10.9%) , GM(-20.1%) and HM(-49.3%). Renault, Nissan and Tata with their new launches Kwid, redi-GO and Tiago respectively are doing quite well. Renault and Nissan saw a whopping growth of 749% and 111% respectively. 

Stay tuned for detailed model wise sales statistics of each OEM.  

Source Credits: Auto Punditz

August 2016 Car Sales in United States of America

Indian Car Sales – July 2016

July Car Sales: Model wise statistics

Luxury Car Sales – June’16

July Car Sales: Model wise statistics

OEM wise sales July 2016

Maruti July sales

Hyundai July sales.png

Mahindra July Sales.png

Honda July sales.png

Tata july sales

Toyota July sales.png

Renault July sales.png

Ford July sales.png

Nissan july sales.png

Volkswagen july sales.png

chevrolet july sales.png

Skoda July sales.png

Fiat July Sales


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Indian Car Sales – July 2016

OEM wise total sales

OEM wise sales July 2016
*Nissan includes Datsun *Luxury Car brands excluded
Market Share Pie Chart
*All percentages are rounded

Top Gainers


Top Losers

Top Losers.png

Top 20 Models

Top 20 selling models

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