Tata Motors initiative to promote Safe Sex among Indian truck drivers

Tata Motors India conducted a survey through which it found out around 2 million truck drivers visit sex workers annually of which only 11% use condoms. So to promote safe sex among truck drivers Tata Motors used the catchphrase DIPPER to introduce a new brand of condoms. For the campaign to reach every driver of the remotest areas Tata cleverly chose a catchphrase popular among the truck drivers. The line “Use Dipper At Night” is written on almost every truck.  Here is the campaign video ↓

The phrase, which is originally used to highlight the use of dipper lights during the dark in order to prevent blinding the drivers from the opposite direction, was designed in association with communication agency Rediffussion-Y&R. The campaign, aimed towards truckers to promote the value of safe sex, involves condoms called “Dipper” that are designed keeping in mind the colorful art or graffiti seen on trucks across the country.

Launched in April in order to raise awareness regarding the risks of HIV among other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), the initiative, if successful, will be replicated across the country. The move is likely to see a positive response as the phrase is widely used and common with illiterate and literate truckers alike.

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