Review: AutoTatkal an android app to speed up your tatkal booking process


As we all know that tatkal ticket booking over the IRCTC platform is a race against time. Small mistake while filling the form, you will miss the tickets. Imagine if you have a chance to pre-fill the form details so that you will not make any mistakes and more importantly you can save few seconds of time which will increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket. To help you do that there is an android application called AutoTatkal on the Google Play Store. Today we have tested the application whether if it is working smoothly or not and here is our experience.

What the application basically is?

The application basically is an auto-fill application with step by step navigation until you complete your booking process. The application will fill all the form details except where human intervention is necessary like in captcha etc. One can even pre-fill the payment details if they wish to and that is optional. To enhance the page loading speed , the application disables ads on the IRCTC website.

Problems faced while using the app:

  • The app forces you to select berth preference, there is no option to select “no preference” which can further boost your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.
  • UI/UX problem: the application takes you to the desktop website of irctc which is large for the mobile screen and so you have to painfully pan across the screen to get the work done. And this is quite irritating as the time saved in filling the form gets wasted here. Have a look at the screenshots below-

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Finally did I get the tickets?
No, the app got stuck at the payments step. Didn’t get the tickets for the train I am looking for. Immediately kept it aside and logged in from the computer. Luckily got tickets for another train. 

Will I try the application again?
No, this is tatkal booking, I can’t take chances.