DENSO announces management changes


KARIYA (Japan) ―DENSO Corporation announced management changes.

Executive Changes

The following management changes will be effective April 1, 2018:

(1)Toshiyuki Kato will be appointed to executive vice president. Currently he is a senior executive director.

(2)The following will be appointed as senior executive directors:

  • Kazuaki Fujitani, currently an executive director
  • Yukihiro Shinohara, currently an executive director
  • Yoshitaka Kajita, currently an executive director

(3)The following will be appointed as executive directors:

  • Hidehiro Yokoo, currently an advisor
  • Koichi Nagaya, currently director, Quality Control Div.
  • Hirotaka Yato, currently project director, Corporate Planning Div.
  • Kazuhiro Iwai, currently general manager, Secretarial Dept.
  • Hiroshi Kondo, currently deputy head of Electronics Business Unit
  • Seiji Maeda, currently director, Corporate Planning Div.
  • Eiji Inoue, currently head of Air-Conditioning Business Unit

(4)Norio Fujimori will be appointed to executive fellow. Currently he is deputy head of ICT Business Unit.

(5)The following will resign as senior executive directors:

  • Yoshikazu Makino
  • Michio Adachi
  • Yukihiko Murakami

(6) Hiroyuki Murayama will resign as executive fellow.

Responsibility of Member of the Board and Executive Directors as of April 1st, 2018

Members of the Board

*Representative, ○ Newly-appointed, Changes are underlined

Title Name Responsibility
*Chairman Nobuaki Katoh  
*President & CEO Koji Arima  

Vice President

Haruya Maruyama Overall Management, Corporate Strategy
Yasushi Yamanaka Overall Management, Safety, Quality,
Production, Corporate Foundation Center,
Hiroyuki Wakabayashi Overall  Management, R&D Strategy,
CISO(Chief Information Security Officer),
Purchasing, Information Security Promotion Dept., SOKEN,INC.
Member of the Board Koji Kobayashi  
Yoshikazu Makino  
George Olcott Outside board member
Takashi Nawa  Outside board member

Executive Vice President, Senior Executive Directors

Title Name Responsibility
Executive Vice President ○Toshiyuki Kato Toyota, Toyota Group
Sadahiro Usui CEO of Europe,
Hiroyuki Ina Electronic Systems Business Group,
Tokyo Office
Masahiko Ito New Business,
Fleet Air-Conditioning Business Unit
Katsuhisa Shimokawa Powertrain Systems Business Group, Korea
Shoji Tsuzuki Corporate Center, Information Systems Div., EDT Promotion Div., Audit Dept.
Shingo Kuwamura Purchasing Group
Yukihiro Kato Mobility Systems Business Group
Yoshifumi Kato Engineering Research & Development Center, Digital Innovation
○Kazuaki Fujitani Sales and Marketing Group
○Yukihiro Shinohara Electrification Systems Business Group
○Yoshitaka Kajita CEO of China

Executive Directors

Title Name Responsibility
Executive Directors Kazumasa Kimura DENSO (CHINA) INVESTMENT CO.LTD.
Bunichi Kondo Tokyo Sales Div.
Masanori Tsuruta Sensor & Semiconductor Business Unit
Yasuhiro Iida Thermal Systems Business Group, Taiwan
Kenichiro Ito CEO of North America,
Jack Helmboldt Manufacturing and Mobility Systems Business of North America,
Shinsuke Yamaguchi CEO of Asia-Oceania,
Jiro Ebihara Electric Components Business Unit,
Manufacturing of Electrification Systems Business Group
Yuji Ishizuka Sales and Marketing of Europe
Yasuhiko Yamazaki Production Innovation Center,
Manufacturing of Electronic Systems Business Group and Mobility System Business Group
Hisaaki Sato Sales and Marketing of North,
Central & South America
Hajime Kumabe Advanced Mobility Systems R&D Div.,
Mechanical & Energy Eng. R&D Div.,
Advanced Testing&Evaluation Div.,
R&D Tokyo Administration Dept.
Yasushi Matsui Global Strategy Center,
Finance & Accounting Div.,
Work Style Reforms Dept.
Hirotsugu Takeuchi Connected & Cockpit Business Unit,
Thermal Systems R&D Function Unit
Keiko Shimokata Safety Health & Environment Div.(Health & Environment), Health Care Promotion Div.,
Terutaka Kageyama Sales Engineering
○Hidehiro Yokoo Global Strategy Div. (Public Relations),
Corporate Communications Div.,
Legal Div., Tokyo Office (Public Relations)
Yutaka Yamanouchi Production Innovation Planning Div.,
Production Control Div., Facility Div.,
Hisashi Iida AD&ADAS Business Unit,
Electronic Control Components Div.
Marco Di Rao Marotta Thermal Systems Business of Europe,
Sinnosuke Hayashi Mobility Systems Function Unit,
Basis Electronic Technology Unit,
Yasushi Mukai Engine Components Business Unit,
Powertrain Systems Business Planning Dept.
Katsuhiko Takeuchi Engine Systems Business Unit,
Powertrain Systems Development Div.
Tomoyuki Arakawa New Business Unit,
AgTech Promotion Div.
Kazuoki Matsugatani Engineering of Europe
Katsuhiko Sugito Machinery & Tools Div., FA Business Unit
○Koichi Nagaya Quality Control Div.,
Safety Health & Environment Div. (Safety)
○Hirotaka Yato Aftermarket Business Unit,
Customer Service Div.
○Kazuhiro Iwai Secretarial Dept., Human Resources Div.,
General Admin. Div.,
Plant General Administration,
Motor business integration Dept.
○Hiroshi Kondo Electronics Business Unit
○Seiji Maeda Motor Business Unit
○Eiji Inoue Air-Conditioning Business Unit

Changes of Members of the Board and Audit & Supervisory Board Member

DENSO decided the following changes of members of the board and the members on its audit & supervisory board. This changes will be effective after the 95th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, 2018.:

(1)Shoji Tsuzuki will be appointed as members of the Board. Currently he is a senior executive director

(2)The following will resign as from members of the Board:

  • Nobuaki Katoh
  • Koji Kobayashi
  • Yoshikazu Makino

(3)Motomi Niwa will be appointed as member of the Audit & Supervisory Board.

(4)Masato Iwase will resign as member of the Audit & Supervisory Board.

DENSO’s New Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board as of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, 2018

Board of Directors

*Representative, **Outside, ○ Newly-appointed

Title Name
*President & CEO Koji Arima
*Executive Vice President Haruya Maruyama
Yasushi Yamanaka
Hiroyuki Wakabayashi
Member of the Board ○Shoji Tsuzuki
George Olcott**
Takashi Nawa**

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

**Outside, ○ Newly-appointed

Title Name
Audit & Supervisory Board Member  Atsuhiko Shimmura
○Motomi Niwa
Moritaka Yoshida**
Tsutomu Saito**
 Noriyuki Matsushima**

About DENSO Corporation

DENSO Corp., headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. Its customers include all the world’s major carmakers. Worldwide, the company has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 countries and regions (including Japan) and employs more than 150,000 people. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, totaled US$40.4 billion. Last fiscal year, DENSO spent 9.0 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges.

Source: Denso Press Release

Author: Prasanth Chunduri

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