Together with the Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors, HELLA is developing a new headlamp prototype.


Lippstadt, April 25, 2017. As part of the research project HipE (highly innovative pixilated phosphors for laser-based emissions in headlamps), HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co., a globally leading supplier of lighting and electronic products for the automotive industry, and the Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors in Soest, are developing a prototype for high-definition headlamps with laser light source. The project started in March 2016 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) over a period of three years.

Reducing installation space, increasing efficiency, improving light quality and safety – headlamp requirements are constantly on the rise. For meeting them, high-definition systems are becoming ever more frequent. Especially laser light sources have become very important. They are not just efficient in that individual light pixels can be activated as needed, but they also have a particularly high luminance. More light exits from a smaller light surface. This means that installation elements, such as reflectors, can be smaller, therefore allowing a more compact construction design.

In order to apply adaptive functions to the road, i.e. headlamp light that automatically adjusts to the traffic and ambient lighting conditions, such as glare-free high beams, it is initially necessary to transform the blue short-wave laser radiation into white broadband radiation. The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regulates light color in Europe. The conversion of blue into white radiation occurs via phosphors. In the context of the HipE project, the Fraunhofer Application Center for Inorganic Phosphors tests various materials in view of their suitability – i.e. regarding their conversion characteristics and heat propagation – and then optimizes them. HELLA is developing a new mechatronic-optical concept for the construction of a complete headlamp module. The lighting and electronics expert for example checks, which optical systems are suitable for meeting the requirements for a more compact design and greater efficiency. Furthermore, HELLA is designing a demonstrator, i.e. an illustration model containing the new components. The ultimate goal consists in pushing the technologies developed during the project toward series production readiness.

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American Traffic Solutions Awarded Procurement Agreement with Houston-Galveston Area Council


Mesa, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the market leader in road safety camera installations, today announced it has been awarded the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) co-op program HGACBuy under the Traffic Control, Enforcement and Signal Pre-emption Equipment Contract PE05-17.

The award, won through a competitive bidding process, positions ATS as the exclusive provider of red-light, speed and school bus stop-arm safety cameras to HGACBuy members. Under the two-year agreement, HGACBuy will work with ATS to ensure its member cities achieve their procurement goals for ATS’ technology and professional services at a competitive price and in an efficient manner. ATS is the only safety camera provider to be awarded this contract.

“We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to once again partner with HGACBuy and their member organizations. This important selection streamlines the procurement process allowing for Road Safety Camera Programs to be implemented in a more efficient manner,” said Liz Caracciolo, General Manager.

HGACBuy is active throughout the U.S. and provides more than 6,000 members with 40 major categories of products and services from more than 800 highly-qualified contractors, such as American Traffic Solutions (ATS). Membership with HGACBuy is available nationwide at no cost for governmental and non-profit based entities.

About American Traffic Solutions:
ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. ATS has more than 3,500 installed red-lightspeed safety cameras and school bus stop arm cameras serving more than 30 million people. ATS Fleet Services is a leader in providing both Toll and Violation Management Solutions to fleets and rental customers saving them time and money.

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Vigillo, a SambaSafety company, Rolls out Roadside Resume

Innovative approach by two industry leaders is providing the first truly comprehensive view of a commercial driver’s safety profile.  

Roadside Resume® is being launched simultaneously with the latest update of SambaSafety’s driver risk management solution

PORTLAND, OR — April 27, 2017 – Vigillo a SambaSafety Company, the leading providers of real-time data for analyzing commercial driver and motor carrier safety performance, today announced Roadside Resume®. The industry’s first truly comprehensive commercial driver safety, compliance and risk profile from Vigillo is being launched at the same time as the Spring 2017 update of SambaSafety’s DriverMonitor driver risk management solution.

“Roadside Resume is a lens into safety that is a powerful tool for carriers,” said Steve Bryan, president of Vigillo. “It brings multiple channels of information into one unified, comprehensive on- and off-the-job driving behavior view of a commercial driver’s safety profile. With Roadside Resume, carriers can easily identify risky behavior based on a scientific analysis of data that is continuously updated, and correlate that information to crash risk.”

Integrated in Roadside Resume is Vigillo’s CSA Scorecards and SambaSafety’s DriverMonitor along with a constantly growing number of public, telematics and other third-party vendor data sources. Included are CSA BASIC inspection, violation and accident data, and MVR License Status, Expiration, Monitored Status, Med Cert Expiration and Endorsements as well as Citations, Violations, Actions, Suspensions and Revocations.

Roadside Resume enables risk, safety and compliance managers to get a complete picture of their drivers’ safety profiles in one place without having to access multiple data sources,” Bryan related. “Its single dashboard view makes it easier to see data from multiple sources and apply a proprietary scoring methodology that quickly and easily identifies a carrier’s riskiest drivers. With that information, carriers can also create policies, and manage enrollment in training classes and track their completion.”

Roadside Resume is the latest innovation to result from the acquisition of Vigillo by SambaSafety. The combination of the two companies’ driver monitoring and risk managment solutions is now benefitting carriers as they work to mitigate high risk behavior.

Simultaneously, SambaSafety is also launching an update to its DRM product suite which brings real-time reporting, increased alert frequency, and more efficient driver roster maintenance to its industry leading driver risk management solution.

About Vigillo

Vigillo, a SambaSafety Company, leads the trucking industry in analyzing fleet safety data to provide insights that impact safety performance.  Combining Vigillo’s CSA Daylight Suite, the industry’s most robust CSA diagnostic and management tool, with SambaSafety’s innovative Driver Risk Management (DRM) services, Vigillo offers the most comprehensive driver Motor Vehicle Record and CSA data monitoring solution. These combined capabilities provide customers with the ability to manage and track driver performance, mitigate high risk driver behavior and address driver safety through the entire employment lifecycle. Based in Portland, Oregon, Vigillo was founded in 2007. For more information visit

About SambaSafety

SambaSafety is the market leader of cloud-based risk management software solutions for organizations with commercial and non-commercial drivers. Through the collection, correlation and analysis of driver information—motor vehicle records, court data, status checks, accident data, incident data, compliance information, medical certifications—our innovative platform automates the driver risk management process delivering a comprehensive 360-degree view of driver behavior and performance. SambaSafety provides organizations across the United States and Canada the actionable insight to improve driver performance, reduce accidents, lower insurance costs and limit risks—ultimately improving community safety. For more information, go to

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