Tata Motors to unveil performance brand TaMo; Two-seater mid-engined sportscar will be unveiled at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

According to an exclusive report by Autcar India, Tata Motors is developing an affordable sportscar, which will be sold under an all-new ‘TaMo’ (short for Tata Motors) performance brand. Internally known as the Futuro, this two-seater, mid-engined sportscar will first be unveiled as a concept at the 2017 Geneva motor show this March.

Tata Aria Coupe concept displayed at 2001 Geneva Motor Show; Image source: Link

The Futoro will be positoned as a halo model and to give it exclusivity, Tata Motors is planning to limit sales to around 250 units. The Futuro’s styling is believed to be a modern interpretation of the erstwhile Opel Speedster (or Vauxhall VX220) and according to a company source will be ‘a stunning looking car for the money.’ Tata Motors is working hard to achieve a sticker price of around Rs 25 lakh for the production version of the Futuro which is expected to go on sale by mid-2018.

Details of the Futuro aren’t very clear but company sources say that the Tamo sportscar will be powered by a turbocharged 1.2 Revotron engine boosted to develop 180hp. Whilst the power output in absolute terms is unimpressive, a target kerb weight of under 800kg will it give the Futuro a good power-to-weigh ratio and hence decent performance.

Tata Motors posted on their Facebook official page that they are going announce something big on February 2nd and asked us to stay tuned to their page for more.
Here’s what they have posted on their FB page:tata-motos-performance-brand-tamo-futuro


Tata Motors engineers are working hard to keep weight down and will use a mixture of composite plastics and aluminium to acheive this. Cost constraints have ruled out the use of carbon-fibre or any other exotic material. The Futuro has been completely designed in-house, but, according according to sources, the chassis construction is by design legend Marcello Gandini.

This is not the first time Tata Motors has shown a sportscar concept. At the 2000 Geneva motor show, the Aria roadster concept was unveiled, followed by a coupé version in 2001. These concepts never translated into production cars and the Aria name was eventually given to the Tata MPV.

This time around, however, Tata Motors is very serious about the Futuro, which it hopes will be a key model under the Tamo brand. Tata Motors’ strategy to launch the Tamo division is part of a massive brand overhaul the company has embarked on to transform its image from a carmaker of yesteryear to one that connects with tomorrow’s car buyers.

Via : Autocar India

Author: Prasanth Chunduri

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