Mahindra officially discontinued two-door e2o electric car in India

Automotive Manufacturers Private Limited

With the introduction of the Mahindra e2oPlus four-door variant, the largest Indian utility vehicle maker has confirmed that the e2o two-door electric car discontinued in India. Mahindrahas also removed the two-door e2o from its official website. However, the two-door e2o electric cars will be exported as the 2 door models have more demand in the global markets.

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The two-door electric car has received the disappointing number of sales in the country so that the company has launched the four-door Mahindra e2oPlus. The four-door models are more comfortable and more value in the domestic market as the Indian customers habituate with the regular four-door vehicles.

Mahesh Babu, Mahindra Electric CEO said, we expected that the Indian customers will give more value to the Mahindra e2oPlus than the 2 door e2o electric car. So, the company confirmed that…

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Author: Prasanth Chunduri

I am an Independent Financial Advisor advising about mutual funds. Apart from my profession I am interested in cars and bikes.

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