Evercar Suspends Shared Electric Vehicle Service in Los Angeles & San Francisco


Evercar, a provider of shared electric vehicles for on-demand drivers like Uber and Lyft, has ended its operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All member accounts have been suspended. According to the company’s website, it will be processing any remaining invoices by Thursday Oct. 13.

Their website welcome page displays the following message:

Dear Evercar Members:

As of October 10, 2016, Evercar is suspending its on-demand car share operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Over the past year, our team has worked hard to deliver you a reliable service to help you earn money in the on-demand economy. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to deliver that service in the near term. We truly apologize for the disruption that this has caused you.

As you may have noticed, all member accounts have been suspended going forward. This Thursday, October 13, we will be processing any remaining invoices.

We want to thank you for your contribution to the Evercar community. As an Evercar member, you’ve been a true innovator in the on-demand economy. We believe your leadership will transform the way people will think about transportation in the future.

We will continue to work to find ways to bring that vision to the present.

Best wishes,

The Evercar Team

Evercar’s shared vehicles were preapproved for ride-hailing and on-demand delivery platforms including Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and DoorDash. Its $8 hourly rate covers fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs for unlimited miles.

Launched in Los Angeles, Evercar offered access to over 100 shared vehicles in 13 vehicle hubs around Los Angeles County. The company had recently expanded to the Bay Area — offering Toyota Prius vehicles with two locations in San Francisco and Oakland.

Here is an explainer video of Evercar:


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