August 2016 Car sales in India

August 2016 car sales, Source credits: Auto Punditz

Looks like the diesel-ban affect is still haunting the luxury car players, all the luxury brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo and Porsche posted  a decline in sales. Audi(-16.1%) and BMW(-12.0%) are top losers among the trio and the Mercedes(-4.4%) despite degrowth in sales remained top seller among all the luxury marques.

On the other hand all the non-luxury brands except for few posted growth in sales compared to their performance in the same month last year. Manufacturers who posted negative growth are Honda(-10.9%) , GM(-20.1%) and HM(-49.3%). Renault, Nissan and Tata with their new launches Kwid, redi-GO and Tiago respectively are doing quite well. Renault and Nissan saw a whopping growth of 749% and 111% respectively. 

Stay tuned for detailed model wise sales statistics of each OEM.  

Source Credits: Auto Punditz

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Author: Prasanth Chunduri

I am an Independent Financial Advisor advising about mutual funds. Apart from my profession I am interested in cars and bikes.

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