Greaves Cotton starts multi-brand 3-wheeler spare operations


Greaves Cotton Limited has officially announced its entry into the multi-brand spares business in the three-wheeler segment. This new business vertical would be an extension of the company’s after-market services. With the new venture, Greaves Cotton has become the first company to offer spares across all categories of the three-wheeler segment.

Greaves Cotton claims to have 3,000 outlets across the country as part of its after-market service business. These outlets will now provide a complete range of spare parts for the three-wheeler segment. Spares from various brands will be available, across various categories like engine, transmission, electrical, rubber parts, lubricants and body parts.

The company will be making use of its existing manufacturing and sourcing capabilities to produce and source spares. Initially, only fast-moving spares will be offered through the retail network, while slow-moving spares will be introduced at a later stage.

Greaves Cotton is also planning to start 1,500 new after-market service and spare distribution outlets in the next three to four years, in order to enhance its customer reach.

Source: Team-BHP

Author: MyMotorWheels

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